Queer Futurities in Berlin

Queer Futurities, Today: Utopias and Beyond in Queer Theory 


Symposium in Berlin 18.5.-19.5.2009



– Finnland-Institut in Deutschland, Georgenstr. 24
– ICI Kulturlabor Berlin, Christinenstr. 18/19 Haus 8

(It is fairly easy to get from the Finnish institute to ICI, where Lee Edelman’s talk will take place. First two stations with the S-Bahn (Friedrichstrasse – Alexanderplatz), and then 3 stations with the U-Bahn (U2, Alexanderplatz- Senefelder Platz).)


IMPORTANT: Please sign up for the symposium by sending a message to info@finstitut.de or call +49-30-52002 6010. This way we can make sure there will be enough seats (and coffee) for everyone!

Link to the abstracts

PROGRAM (updated 7.5.2009)


MONDAY 18.5.2009


10.00 Morning Coffee (at the Finnish Institute)


11.00 Opening Words


11.15. Workshop (10 min papers and discussion)

Tomasz Jarymowicz: Utopian Thinking and Queer Theory: A Difficult Relationship

Volker Woltersdorff: Apocalypse NOW! Queer Stagings of the End

Annamari Vänskä:  Figuring Out Queerness of Children in Fashion Advertising. Disfiguring Childhood Innocence, Outing the Paedophilic Mind or Paying the Price of Reproductive Futurism?

Jan Wickman: State-Sponsored Queer?

Tuula Juvonen: Productive Criticality and Queer Potentiality. A Case Study


13.15-14.30 LUNCH


14.30-16.00 Talks

Katerina Kolarova: Queer Futurity Desires the Crip

Kevin S. Amiddon: Not Like Me? Toward a Queer Epistemology


16.00-16.30 COFFEE (at the Finnish Institute)


16.30-17.30 Talks


Antu Sorainen: Queer Decency

Christien Garcia: Playing Hooky; or, Figuring as Absentee: Queer Accountability and the Praxis


17.30 DINNER and location change


19.00 Keynote: Lee Edelman: Against Survival: Queerness in a Time that’s Out of Joint (ICI)


21.00 Fag Bar at Ronson’s with karaoke, dancing, dark room and sleazy vintage porn cinema Warschauerstr 34 in Berlin Friedrichshain




TUESDAY 19.5.2009


10.00 Morning Coffee (at the Finnish Institute)


11.00-12.15 Workshop (15 min papers and discussion)


Jin Haritaworn: Homophobic Affect and the Militarization of Intimacy

Željko Blaće & Milo DePrieto: QueerGames and HOMOLYMPICS

Thomas O. Haakonson: Queers in Space: The Queer Art of Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset

Katherine Wiedlack: Queer : Punk Rock Expressed Rejection on Futurism


12.15-13.15 LUNCH


13.15-14.15 Harri Kalha: Socializing with the Anti-Social 


14.15-15.45 Talks
Tomasz Basiuk: The Arrows of Time in Samuel R. Delany’s Life Writing
Eveline Kilian: Gore Vidal’s Myra Breckinridge and Myron as Allegories of Queer

15.45-16.15 COFFEE (at the Finnish Institute)
Philip Pass: The Limitations of Play: Imagination and the Possibility of an
idiosyncratic, BDSM Futurity
Anu Koivunen: Affect as Futurity: Queer Thinking and the Lures of the Virtual

16.15-17.15 Talks




End Discussion & Drinks & Let’s Dance!

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