SQS – Society of Queer Studies in Finland

The Society of Queer Studies in Finland is an academic society founded 7th June, 2004. The purpose of SQS is to promote queer studies in Finland.

The society advocates queer research and the critical, theoretical and empirical exploration of genders and sexualities. This includes, for example, research on lesbian, gay, transgender and bi-sexual issues, and the study of heteronormativity as well as heterosexuality.

The society publishes an open access -magazine online entitled SQS-lehti (SQS Journal). In addition SQS arranges lectures, meetings and conferences. Information about these events can be found on the ”ETUSIVU” page.

As a community of scholars and students SQS engages ideas and interpretations in a multidisciplinary vein. SQS participates in public debates and seeks to establish connections with other societies, communities and researchers. The society also aspires to strengthen the academic status of queer scholars and research.

SQS has a mailing list uniqueer@lists.utu.fi that is used for society’s official announcements and distributing information about queer-related events and research. Posting to the list is for members only. Subscribe to Uniqueer.

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